...and it's done! I am quite late to the party, but it was mostly about the fun of soldering something useful and I did not know what to do with the Raspberry Pi anyway. Configuration was a little bit of a pain, but in the end I got it working.

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My favourite cartridge for the , the v5 is getting a lot of love recently. I replaced the EEPROM of one of the clones I built with a 128kB specimen and flashed Adrian Gonzales' SnappyROM. Now I can also use it with the . I also updated my to the most recent firmware version which can also load the SnappyROM now. I heard rumors about the ROM for a few years and I am happy that it is finally available for everybody now.

Greg Naçu's C64 OS v1.0 can be ordered on c64os.com/c64os/ now. This is a truly impressive feat, and I was excited every time Greg showed videos of newly implemented features. Unfortunately, I have to pass at the moment, as my to-do list is already quite long. @retrocomputing

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@m2c_n3e Absolut! Wer der Zeit ihren Wert abspricht, lässt völlig aus den Augen, dass uns allen nur begrenzt viel Zeit gegönnt ist - niemand kann sich mehr Lebenszeit "erkaufen" (die traurige Realität, dass u.A. medizinische Versorgung vom Geldbeutel abhängt mal kurz außer acht gelassen).

Zeit ist also alles andere als wertlos, sie ist im Gegenteil das Wertvollste was wir haben. Und im Gegensatz zu Geld kann Zeit weder durch Inflation noch durch Besteuerung geschmälert werden.

Adrian Gonzales has released SnappyROM, an unofficial update for the v5 cartridge for the , via GitHub (github.com/adrianglz64/snappyr) and the has just received an update which allows to load 128kB SuperSnapshot ROM images. 😃 I guess it is time to update the KFF and maybe even buy and flash a 128kB EPROM to try it with one of the SuperSnapshot clones I built some time ago. @commodore64

My tablet received an update today. It seems to have been compiled in July and it has the September security patches. How is that possible? Well, it's the September 2021 patch level. 😡 Is this the best you can do, ? 🤬

Buy the brand they said, they use quality parts they said. I wonder if anybody got a raise for finding the cheapest wheels in the world to put on this suitcase. Fortunately it was impossible to find the same wheels to replace the broken one, so I had to find an alternative which works so much better. don't replace.

Auf wernerenke.de/wehe-wenn-schwar steht geschrieben, dass "Wehe, wenn Schwarzenbeck kommt ..." Ende 2022 oder Anfang 2023 (über 40 Jahre nach Veröffentlichung) endlich auf DVD erhältlich sein soll. Da warte ich auch erst eine halbe Ewigkeit drauf. 😉

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Ich suche ab Ende Oktober ein möbliertes Zimmer oder WG Zimmer in Bremerhaven.

Bin anfang 40, Raucher, Pflanzenfresser und extremly online und wäre etwa 1-2 Wochen pro Monat in der Stadt. Budget bis etwa 200 Euro.

Boosts willkommen

I never listened to Crass, so I cannot judge if this is total sellout and heresy. I can enjoy it as something new and I can't stop listening to it.


Autumn is just around the corner in the northern hemisphere and I just ordered PCBs to build some hardware during the long evenings. I plan to build the following projects:

- github.com/tebl/C64-Mega-Switc
- github.com/gmcn42/clumsyMIDI
- github.com/cristofercruz/gbp-e
- github.com/hackup/Pi1541io

I will get more PCBs than I need. Let me know if you want any.

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Ah yes, I remember the days when you would walk down the street and a man in a suit just handed you a stack of used Apple IIe machines, no questions asked.

I recently learned about a cartridge for the which allows to use a second SID chip and which features a pass-thru port for another cartridge (FB-SSID by Fotios Kotsiopoulos). I still have an 8580 which I would love to put on a cartridge like this.

Does anybody have one for sale?



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Alcohol - beer 

I would love to see a federated alternative to Untappd for fellow craft beer lovers. #CraftBeer


Think global, drink local!

Yvonne's Pale Ale, brewed by Lonesome Oak Brewing, sold exclusively at Yvonne's Kiosk

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You get a minute of idle time. That moment when you feel the urge to pick up your phone is an opportunity to do something else with that energy. If you look at your phone 60 times a day, is it compound interest or compound debt? Compounding is powerful. 365 hours is 9 work weeks.

Don't have time to learn Spanish or guitar or any new skill? Can't call an old friend because you're too busy?

Are you sure about that?

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