The digital version of the game is available on , the cartridge version will be available soon.

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The game is a mix of a Shoote'em Up and a platformer. The first stage is pretty conventional and the story is about a damsel in distress. The real fun starts when the knight learns how to defy gravity after defeating the end boss of stage one (which again looks pretty badass).

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I totally forgot that I backed The Cursed Knight (T.C.K) by Broke Studio on Kickstarter until I received an email last week. The supershot looks pretty badass.

I have 5 PCBs left for building your own Super Snapshot v5 clone ( If you are interested, I will mail one to you for free, I only ask for postage. One PCB weights 15g and I am located in Germany. DM me if you are interested.

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Status 200 OK

Response Body:
"error": 400,
details: "invalid username or password"

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Wegen gesperrter S Bahn musste ich praktischerweise am @hhwerbefrei Infostand stoppen und unterschreiben. Kannst nix machen 🤷‍♂️

I have finally created a account and I have added a few of the books I have read this year. Let's see if this keeps me motivated to read more.

Nice bundle of games. I already own several of them, but it's a bargain and it is for a good cause:

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Hell I'm so happy my parents were NOT "guiding" me through the 2 Live Crew texts, I had no idea what I was listening to...

#80s #hiphop

I'm thinking about creating a account, but I am not sure how to handle reviews. I like to read books in English and German. Should I write reviews for books in the language I read them in or should I just stick to one language? Is there any best practice?

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Hier gibt es nichts zu sehen. Bitte gehen Sie weiter.

I was away for a few days and when I returned, I found Alice Sisters by , published by in my mailbox. I had completely forgotten that I had pre-ordered it in April. It's a puzzle platformer. I am dead tired tonight and only had enough energy to play through level 1, but I had fun so far. I mainly bought it, because it has a 2 player cooperative mode.

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World'o'Techno is an amazing location specific generative music machine that has made the rounds at SHA, EMF, CCC and now #mch2022. It has a label that says "Please take the art for a walk"

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I wrote down my long term vision for #forge #federation. A constellation of forges, where Free Software is grown locally and organically 🌱

@forgefriends @gitea @hostea @forgefed @codeberg #framagit are pieces of this puzzle, each developed with ❤️

There is no need for mega forges with millions of projects and tenths of millions of people ruled by a centralized power. ☠️

They must vanish and make room for thousands of small forges communicating with each other. 🤝

Whenever I read nonfiction books it really makes me doubt the authors competence when I find minor mistakes which could have been avoided by simply reading the Wikipedia article of the subject. 😟

"[Grace Hopper would] always assign the hardest jobs to the youngest and least experienced members of her team. She figured they didn't have the sense to know what was impossible." (From "Broad Band – The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet" by Claire L. Evans)

When I was young I was a kid and never cared much about . Maybe that's the reason why I never knew that not only Commodore but also Atari had an office in my home town . It was located within walking distance to the Commodore building (Ernst-Amme-Straße 24). Coincidence?

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