I received issue 53 of today, my favourite magazine for the . Can't wait to read "The making of Laser Zone" with . Laser Zone was one of the first computer games I ever played.

Any Freeze64 subscribers round here?

@k @m2c_n3e How much of the mag is articles vs game cheats?
I haven't picked it up because, well, 1) I already buy so many mags and comics I don't have time to read, and 2) I am not into the game cheats.

But it looks like this magazine is more than that. Do you think it's *enough* to warrant buying if I will ignore all the cheat content?

@k @m2c_n3e
😆 Just went to order a few copies and their site only has "buy now" buttons, not "add to cart". haha
Guess they only want people to buy one item.

@notawizard @m2c_n3e oh. Yeah. I vaguely remember hitting that before. Vinny is a cool though, they get packaged up together.

@k @m2c_n3e Just about to email and ask. Prefer to avoid half a dozen separate purchases and have a dozen emails and multiple transactions.

@notawizard @m2c_n3e yeah. Always worth checking. Like I say, Vinny is super nice, he really cares about Freeze, but it is just him. Proper fanzine.

@k @notawizard @m2c_n3e Can second that - I’ve had a few issues in the past - good little mag. I prefer A4 size personally but that’s a minor issue.

@jonnypencils @notawizard @m2c_n3e aye, but if we had to wait for him to fill 35 A4 pages… :D

@k @jonnypencils @m2c_n3e Same content but bigger font and pictures would work, but A5 does seem to be the popular fanzine size.
It's the size I picked back in the mid 2000's for a zine I published.
The cost to print twice the size was about 3x the price.
A friend of mine is currently doing a mag called NZ Retro which is A4, and it's costing him a lot to print.

@notawizard @k @m2c_n3e I can also highly recommend Komoda & Amiga Plus - a Polish mag (in English) - excellent quality and some great articles.

@notawizard @jonnypencils @k I just bought the digital version of Komoda & Amiga Plus issue 20. I only browsed through it so far, but it looks really interesting. 👍

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