This is "Stumpi", the coolest cat in the neighbourhood. She has no tail and lives alone on the street. She shows no shyness, but also no interest in people. I am convinced that this cat thinks that she owns the neighbourhood.

@m2c_n3e Glad to see another tailless kitty here on the Fediverse! My own cat Freyja is also tailless but definitely prefers to be solo, so I don't think she'd get along with Stumpi.

@m2c_n3e That is one animal you absolutely will not mess with. The look on her face.

@m2c_n3e Reminds me of my old cat, if she had not been adopted and had to roam the mean streets of Cavan.

@m2c_n3e She does own the neighborhood. She only tolerates all y’all.

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