I am still pretty happy with the decision of replacing the dull LCD screen of my Pocket with an IPS display and purchasing a flash cart for playing games. Would recommend! 👍

I stumbled over this new street sign today. Can't wait to get my (inflatable) out of the basement.

I received issue 53 of today, my favourite magazine for the . Can't wait to read "The making of Laser Zone" with . Laser Zone was one of the first computer games I ever played.

Any Freeze64 subscribers round here?

If you live in Germany you can order this free book about computers in East Germany, you only need to pay for shipping (4€ or 5€, depending on where you live).


It only takes a few seconds to change the battery of a . No tools required. No nasty glue or tape. 😀

Inspired by the announcement of the Collection I dug out my small collection of first person shooters for the . While they are technically impressive for the unsuitable hardware, they are just no fun for me. For me the age of FPS starts with . 🤷


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