...and it's done! I am quite late to the party, but it was mostly about the fun of soldering something useful and I did not know what to do with the Raspberry Pi anyway. Configuration was a little bit of a pain, but in the end I got it working.

My favourite cartridge for the , the v5 is getting a lot of love recently. I replaced the EEPROM of one of the clones I built with a 128kB specimen and flashed Adrian Gonzales' SnappyROM. Now I can also use it with the . I also updated my to the most recent firmware version which can also load the SnappyROM now. I heard rumors about the ROM for a few years and I am happy that it is finally available for everybody now.

Buy the brand they said, they use quality parts they said. I wonder if anybody got a raise for finding the cheapest wheels in the world to put on this suitcase. Fortunately it was impossible to find the same wheels to replace the broken one, so I had to find an alternative which works so much better. don't replace.

Autumn is just around the corner in the northern hemisphere and I just ordered PCBs to build some hardware during the long evenings. I plan to build the following projects:

- github.com/tebl/C64-Mega-Switc
- github.com/gmcn42/clumsyMIDI
- github.com/cristofercruz/gbp-e
- github.com/hackup/Pi1541io

I will get more PCBs than I need. Let me know if you want any.


Think global, drink local!

Yvonne's Pale Ale, brewed by Lonesome Oak Brewing, sold exclusively at Yvonne's Kiosk

When the automatic subtitle generator confuses German with English:

"okay assistance to desk NTFS in China as this Masako" 🤯


The game is a mix of a Shoote'em Up and a platformer. The first stage is pretty conventional and the story is about a damsel in distress. The real fun starts when the knight learns how to defy gravity after defeating the end boss of stage one (which again looks pretty badass).

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I totally forgot that I backed The Cursed Knight (T.C.K) by Broke Studio on Kickstarter until I received an email last week. The supershot looks pretty badass.

I have 5 PCBs left for building your own Super Snapshot v5 clone (github.com/Kalidomra/SuperClon). If you are interested, I will mail one to you for free, I only ask for postage. One PCB weights 15g and I am located in Germany. DM me if you are interested.

I was away for a few days and when I returned, I found Alice Sisters by , published by in my mailbox. I had completely forgotten that I had pre-ordered it in April. It's a puzzle platformer. I am dead tired tonight and only had enough energy to play through level 1, but I had fun so far. I mainly bought it, because it has a 2 player cooperative mode.

"[Grace Hopper would] always assign the hardest jobs to the youngest and least experienced members of her team. She figured they didn't have the sense to know what was impossible." (From "Broad Band – The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet" by Claire L. Evans)

The moment when you realize that s-video out does not work properly because you mixed up some pins since the top of the housing lies on the table upside down.

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Have a nice day!

My personal fiasco has ended today. I finally have a console the game works with. The price I played for the game when I preordered it years ago, plus the price of the console is still considerably smaller than what people have played for just the game on eBay.

This is "Stumpi", the coolest cat in the neighbourhood. She has no tail and lives alone on the street. She shows no shyness, but also no interest in people. I am convinced that this cat thinks that she owns the neighbourhood.

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