...and it's done! I am quite late to the party, but it was mostly about the fun of soldering something useful and I did not know what to do with the Raspberry Pi anyway. Configuration was a little bit of a pain, but in the end I got it working.

My favourite cartridge for the , the v5 is getting a lot of love recently. I replaced the EEPROM of one of the clones I built with a 128kB specimen and flashed Adrian Gonzales' SnappyROM. Now I can also use it with the . I also updated my to the most recent firmware version which can also load the SnappyROM now. I heard rumors about the ROM for a few years and I am happy that it is finally available for everybody now.

Greg Naçu's C64 OS v1.0 can be ordered on c64os.com/c64os/ now. This is a truly impressive feat, and I was excited every time Greg showed videos of newly implemented features. Unfortunately, I have to pass at the moment, as my to-do list is already quite long. @retrocomputing

Adrian Gonzales has released SnappyROM, an unofficial update for the v5 cartridge for the , via GitHub (github.com/adrianglz64/snappyr) and the has just received an update which allows to load 128kB SuperSnapshot ROM images. 😃 I guess it is time to update the KFF and maybe even buy and flash a 128kB EPROM to try it with one of the SuperSnapshot clones I built some time ago. @commodore64

I recently learned about a cartridge for the which allows to use a second SID chip and which features a pass-thru port for another cartridge (FB-SSID by Fotios Kotsiopoulos). I still have an 8580 which I would love to put on a cartridge like this.

Does anybody have one for sale?



I have 5 PCBs left for building your own Super Snapshot v5 clone (github.com/Kalidomra/SuperClon). If you are interested, I will mail one to you for free, I only ask for postage. One PCB weights 15g and I am located in Germany. DM me if you are interested.

Nice bundle of games. I already own several of them, but it's a bargain and it is for a good cause: itch.io/b/1502/the-40-years-of


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