Greg Naçu's C64 OS v1.0 can be ordered on now. This is a truly impressive feat, and I was excited every time Greg showed videos of newly implemented features. Unfortunately, I have to pass at the moment, as my to-do list is already quite long. @retrocomputing

I have 5 PCBs left for building your own Super Snapshot v5 clone ( If you are interested, I will mail one to you for free, I only ask for postage. One PCB weights 15g and I am located in Germany. DM me if you are interested.

Nice bundle of games. I already own several of them, but it's a bargain and it is for a good cause:

When your colleague shares his screen via Teams and you discover the icon of a emulator on his desktop. 💛

I received issue 53 of today, my favourite magazine for the . Can't wait to read "The making of Laser Zone" with . Laser Zone was one of the first computer games I ever played.

Any Freeze64 subscribers round here?


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