The game is a mix of a Shoote'em Up and a platformer. The first stage is pretty conventional and the story is about a damsel in distress. The real fun starts when the knight learns how to defy gravity after defeating the end boss of stage one (which again looks pretty badass).

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I totally forgot that I backed The Cursed Knight (T.C.K) by Broke Studio on Kickstarter until I received an email last week. The supershot looks pretty badass.

I was away for a few days and when I returned, I found Alice Sisters by , published by in my mailbox. I had completely forgotten that I had pre-ordered it in April. It's a puzzle platformer. I am dead tired tonight and only had enough energy to play through level 1, but I had fun so far. I mainly bought it, because it has a 2 player cooperative mode.

The moment when you realize that s-video out does not work properly because you mixed up some pins since the top of the housing lies on the table upside down.

My personal fiasco has ended today. I finally have a console the game works with. The price I played for the game when I preordered it years ago, plus the price of the console is still considerably smaller than what people have played for just the game on eBay.

Can it get more 90s than this? mikeyeldey95 has a Windows 95-like desktop interface, features 20 songs by Michael Elder, 5 mini games, and Clippy the paperclip. Is it a game? Is it a music album? I can't decide, but I'm looking forward to trying it out later tonight.

Happy to have found the scene on . Has the / bubble arrived already? Any tips regarding accounts I should follow?

Inspired by the announcement of the Collection I dug out my small collection of first person shooters for the . While they are technically impressive for the unsuitable hardware, they are just no fun for me. For me the age of FPS starts with . 🤷


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