I am still pretty happy with the decision of replacing the dull LCD screen of my Pocket with an IPS display and purchasing a flash cart for playing games. Would recommend! 👍

@48kRAM I bought a bunch of EEPROMs from Aliexpress a while ago which were delivered just like this. So far I did not have any problems with them. I would have preferred proper packaging though.

@josipretrobits I loved the video. It was amazing to see what can be done with a few lines of code.

@Datassette_User I don't know if you get a message if a post gets deleted and the rules of your instance seem to be rather general. Maybe somebody felt intimidated by the image an complained. I tend to be more sensitive about issues that may cause stress for other users than I used to be on Twitter and use content warnings more often here. Maybe the admin of your instance will tell you why your post was deleted if you ask in a friendly manor.

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I made Bo. Bo is a Digital pet fly on Commodore 64 and in this video, I put Bo in several different situations and adventures.

The idea behind this video is to show how small tweaks of the same #code result in a different output.

#c64 #basic #programming #retrocomputing #commodore64


@josipretrobits Great idea for a video! I only had a quick look at it so far and fast forwarded through it, but I will definitely watch the whole video tonight.

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@Matteusbeus Wow! I would have kept my if the version of which was released in 1994 had been anything like this version.

# SegaGenesis

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Always remember #FLOSS* devs dont owe you anything. You can ask them for something but never demand them.

They are offering their freetime and working power and rarely ever get something back.

(*Free/Libre Open Source Software)

#FOSS #FLOSS #OpenSource

@jonnypencils 👍 I'll bookmark this thread. Even though I don't own a WiModem (yet), I toy with an ESP8266 sometimes.

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2022. and the text editor wars are moving toward a Mad Max situation

@jonnypencils I just found a blog post by @olimex which I already searched for when I read your toot for the first time, but did not find back then. Maybe this is also relevant in your case since the is also based on the (AFAIK).


@steve I am always amazed by the energy and dedication Greg puts into his blog and his software. Where I am satisfied with having a rough overview of a topic, he only begins to delve into it.

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If you're a decent software engineer, your assumptions will be:
- "everyone uses dialup over a shitty phone line that goes to one of those electromechanical telephone exchanges from 60s" instead of "the internet is fast enough these days"
- "everyone MAYBE has 8 GB of storage on their phone, half of which is taken by the OS" instead of "storage is cheap and 100 MB per app is okay, grow up, it's {{ current_year }}"
- "your user won't give a shit about your 'developer experience' and how 'beautiful' your code is" instead of "Kotlin and React and Electron are required, no one uses raw platform APIs/native controls/whatever anymore because it's so EASY to develop with all these new abstractions"

@lhinderberger I just use the Elster portal thing, but my taxes are always the same more or less. I started with paper forms and the support of my dad 30 years ago due to a well paying summer job. From there additional topics popped up from year to year, but I always had enough time to learn them. I had to do a inheritance tax return once. That really sucked.

@lhinderberger I mainly play older games anyway since my laptop is rather old already and is not powerful enough for most modern games. I have just been too lazy to really look into gaming with Linux do far.

@lhinderberger Now the only reason for me to have Windows 10 on a second SSD in my laptop is gaming. I may get rid of Windows when Windows 10 will not be supported anymore.

@lhinderberger I used option 1 for several years, but as far as I know, 2019 was the last year which was supported by the Elster desktop application. I switched to option 2 last year. The sign up process was a little bit tedious and I needed some time to get used to the UI, but it worked fine in the end. Since I only need one afternoon for doing my taxes (if I work on it straight) option 3 is probably out of scale for me.

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