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The german language is great. For instance did you know there is a special word for a squirrel used for calibrating horns?

It's "Horneicheichhörnchen"

OK, I just deactivated the first of 2 accounts. This one was easy, the second one will be tougher. It may take a few days to finally let go.

OTOH I see a lot of interesting new accounts popping up. 😍

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is trending over at and I am a little bit afraid of an Eternal September. 😱 (

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Inspired by the announcement of the Collection I dug out my small collection of first person shooters for the . While they are technically impressive for the unsuitable hardware, they are just no fun for me. For me the age of FPS starts with . 🤷

Woohoo! I have my own Mastodon instance now (hosted by @mastohost). I will finish moving from @nause_marc to @m2c_n3e as soon as the next version of Mastodon which fixes will be released.


This is my personal Mastodon instance. Please contact me if you want to join.