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My personal fiasco has ended today. I finally have a console the game works with. The price I played for the game when I preordered it years ago, plus the price of the console is still considerably smaller than what people have played for just the game on eBay.

I didn't expect much from the TV series, but I was pleasantly surprised. I hope that will not disappoint either.

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Crap, now I did it after all. I didn't really want to buy an additional console, but since Fonzie probably won't send me a version of that works with my Mega Drive serial 1601-xx anytime soon, I've now ordered a Sega Mega Drive 2. Let's see if it's worth it.

This is "Stumpi", the coolest cat in the neighbourhood. She has no tail and lives alone on the street. She shows no shyness, but also no interest in people. I am convinced that this cat thinks that she owns the neighbourhood.

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Fedi is the most strange thing in the world.

On normal social media, you write a message and people just ignore it forever.

Here, you write a message, it stays ignored for 1 or 2 years, and then all of a sudden, for no reason, with no explanation, someone finds it somehow, boosts it, and it gets 200 likes and 120 boosts.

What the fuck.

I'm sure someone will boost this message in 2021 or 2022.

I went canoeing today, but I left the more idyllic locations behind this time. It was interesting nonetheless. I saw lots if birds, butterflies, dragonflies and a nutria.

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I love how art is now just typing random, surreal shit into a computer and seeing what kind of bullshit comes out. It's so accessible. The mortal remains of Warhol must be convulsing with joy.

Excuse me, I need to go say "Andy Warhol's ecstatic corpse" to an AI.

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I finally followed my #Gitea account from Mastodon!!!

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How fast are 6502s REALLY? I tried block transfer speeds on 3 different machines: C64, KIM-1, and CERBERUS 2080 (at 8Mhz). Eat your heart out Apple with your 20 Billion transistors. 3200 is plenty for anyone ;-) #commodore

I've been trying to find out if the 1924 silent film "Taras Bulba" is available anywhere. I didn't find it, but I stumbled across this handy list of freely available silent films:

Can it get more 90s than this? mikeyeldey95 has a Windows 95-like desktop interface, features 20 songs by Michael Elder, 5 mini games, and Clippy the paperclip. Is it a game? Is it a music album? I can't decide, but I'm looking forward to trying it out later tonight.

When your colleague shares his screen via Teams and you discover the icon of a emulator on his desktop. 💛

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After many requests, we can finally present our crowdfunding page in english. Together we are financing the breeding of a new open-source rye variety. 🌱
Please share the 'rye that belongs to us all’ with your friends!


#opensource #opensourceseeds


First harvest of the year (only the salad, tomatoes are purchased, grown ones still need a few weeks)

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I've yet to make a proper introduction here, but while that simmers a little longer I'd love to share this project of mine with you.

I've collected 18 episodes of the 1983 television show, Whiz Kids, in English and Italian, 13 in French, and 7 in Japanese, and made them available for everyone on the Internet Archive. Some of the English episodes were sourced from a partial PAL DVD release and may be in better quality than you've ever seen them. Please enjoy and share with your friends and associates. It's not too late to become a fan of this very cool but short-lived show that inspired a lot of young people in its day, and continues to inspire me.

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